Name Enlistment Address Service Number Unit Comment Fate
BUCKLEY, Alexander Henry Armatree, NSW 1876 54th Battalion, Gulargambone and Armatree Memorial/commemorated/VC KIA 1.9.1918
BUCKLEY, George Patrick Richard Windurong, Gulargambone, New South Wales 2808 6th Light Horse Regiment, 19th Reinforcement
BUCKLEY, Harold William Gilgandra, New South Wales 1593 6th Light Horse Regiment, 12th Reinforcement
BULLARD, Frederick Tooraweenah, via Gilgandra, New South Wales 1841 6th Light Horse Regiment, 13th Reinforcement
BURRELL John Cumnock NSW 2134 54th Battalion Brother William Burrell RTA August 1918
BYRNE, Ernest Frederick Gilgandra, New South Wales 1047 12th Light Horse Regiment, 4th Reinforcement
CALLAN, Thomas Henry c/o W Gaynor, Springvale, Gilgandra, New South Wales *2462 Divisional Ammunition Column Section 1 Gulargambone Memorial
CAMERON Angus 4019 2nd Battalion, 12th Reinforcement Gil Weekly/22.6.1917 KIA
CAMERON, James Gerald Mendooran, NSW 4747 13th Battalion Gilgandra Coo-ee RTA
CAMPBELL Robert Clyde 228 Harris St, Sydney NSW 5996 13th Battalion Gilgandra Coo-ee RTA December 1917
CAMPBELL, Colin Collie, New South Wales 17961 1st and 2nd Field Troops Collie Memorial
CAMPBELL, Harold Edward Ostler Gilgandra, New South Wales 59403 New South Wales Reinforcement 12
CAMPBELL, Hubert Charles Kensington, Gilgandra, New South Wales 2057 35th Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement
CARBERRY Stanley Gilgandra Weekly 2.2.1917 102 12th Light Horse Regiment, A Squadron
CARDEW Thullier Lake 2796 2nd Battalion, 9th Reinforcement KIA
CARNEY Martin 2140 56th Battalion, 4th Reinforcement Mundooran war memorial KIA
CARR, Joseph Balladoran, New South Wales 7343 1st Battalion, 24th Reinforcement KIA
CASEY, Patrick Mendooran NSW 1741 45th Battalion, 2nd Reinforcement
CHALSON Augustus Blayney NSW 2502 Mining Corps Tooraweenah Kookaburra DOW 29.9.1917
Chapman W World War 1 Gulargambone memorial
CHATFIELD, William Wallace Coonabarabran 57312 4th General Service Reinforcement
CHISHOLM, Donald Sutherland Gilgandra, New South Wales 1714 45th Battalion, 2nd Reinforcement Collie Memorial
CHRISTIE, Gordon Gilgandra, New South Wales 32886 Field Artillery Brigade, February 1917 Reinforcements
CHRISTIE, Jack Gilgandra, New South Wales 554 3rd Battalion C Company
Clancey W World War 1 Gilgandra Honor Roll
CLANCY, John Francis Gilgandra 401 1st Light Horse Regiment, C Squadron
CLARKE, John Edward * PO, Gilgandra, New South Wales 1340 3rd Battalion, 15th Reinforcement
CLEAVER, William Wongarbon NSW 1634 54th Battalion RTA 19.9.19
Cobcroft EJ World War 1 Gilgandra War memorial
COCHRANE Sydney William Andrew 2049 35th Battalion, 3rd Reinforcement
COLAN, John Wattleview, Tooraweenah, New South Wales 391 2nd Battalion, D Company
Coleman A A World War 1 Gulargambone memorial
COLLESS Adner Allen enlisted 13.3.15 d/c 23.3.15 reenlisted 6.1.16 13726 Army Medical Corps, Special Reinforcements
COLLEY, Edgar Allan Lonesome Pine, Mundooran, New South Wales 3755 53rd Battalion, 10th Reinforcement
COLLEY, George Herbert Coonabarabran Road, Mundooran, New South Wales 4671 1st Pioneer Battalion, 13th Reinforcement
CONLIN, Martin Lawloit, Victoria 7363 14th Battalion, 24th Reinforcement NOK Gilgandra
CONNELL Clement Gil Weekly 23.11.1917 6480 1st Battalion, 21st Reinforcement KIA
COOK William George Coonamble NSW 5663 13th Battalion, Tooraweenah Kookaburra RTA 15.6.1919
COOPER Edmund William 7702 3rd Battalion, 26th Reinforcement KIA
COSTELLO, Joseph Mundooran, New South Wales 2892 January 1917 Reinforcements Camel Corps
COX, Arthur Gerald Gilgandra, New South Wales 6064 22nd Battalion, 17th Reinforcement
Cox, JC World War 1 Gilgandra War memorial
COXSEDGE, William Henry Gilgandra, NSW 1643 54th Battalion, 2nd Reinforcement
CRAIG, Edgar Newton Forest Lodge, Gilgandra, New South Wales 6288 4th Battalion, 20th Reinforcement
CRAWFORD, James Gilgandra, NSW 4753 13th Battalion Gilgandra Coo-ee KIA September 3, 1916
CREENAUNE, Walter Chippendale, Gilgandra, New South Wales 2885* 58th Battalion, 7th Reinforcement
CREENAUNE, Walter Gilgandra, New South Wales 585* Machine Gun Company 9, Reinforcement 9
CROWE Reginald Stanley 7367 2nd Battalion, 24th Reinforcement
CURRAN, Edward Lawrence Royal Hotel, Gilgandra, New South Wales 6038 24th Battalion, 17th Reinforcement KIA
Currie B World War 1 Gilgandra War memorial